“Coach Dave” Crenshaw has dedicated his life to using sports to empower women. At TEDxHunterCCS, he discusses how his Alma mater opened his eyes to the important relationship between athletics, empowering women, and building community — and how he used these lessons to help heal a neighborhood at…


A solid article about the effect of companies being run by M.B.A.s vs. engineers or product people.

It’s interesting to note that the one area of the U.S. economy that’s adding jobs and increasing productivity and wealth is also the one that is the most relentlessly product- and consumer-focused: Silicon Valley. The company off Highway 101 that best illustrates this point is, of course, Apple. The only time Apple ever lost the plot was when it put the M.B.A.s in charge.

LFTP is sophisticated ftp/http client, file transfer program supporting a number of network protocols. Like BASH, it has job control and uses readline library for input. It has bookmarks, built-in mirror, can transfer several files in parallel. It was designed with reliability in mind.

Users fell 5% to 8.5 million in January from 8.9 million in December, according to data from Nielsen Online… “Social networking is as much about who isn’t on the site as who is - when Tory MPs and major corporations start profiles on Facebook, its brand is devalued, driving its core user base into the arms of newer and more credible alternatives,” he said.
So it begins when the uncool join. (via inevitable)


Over the last few weeks, a few of you have noticed that your News.me Daily Digest is available online at http://www.news.me/[your_username]. Some of you have even started sharing that web view with your friends on Twitter and Facebook, encouraging them to explore the news flowing through your…

Talking About Making at the Met


This Sunday Professor John Dunnigan MFA 80 ID will reflect on the history of American furniture design when he speaks at the Metropolitan Museum in New York. He’s one of the panelists in a Sunday at the Met series on the art of fine furniture-making, inspired by the Duncan Phyfe exhibition on view through early May.

New Arts Dean is Dean-eriffic!


By Rhyanne Beatty

The Faculty of Arts welcomed Dr. Don Desserud as its new Dean on July 1st. This is the first time Desserud has been involved with UPEI, but he’s no stranger to the university setting. He has a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and Political Science from Dalhousie University, two Master’s degrees, one in Political Science from Dalhousie University and the other in English/Creative Writing from the University of New Brunswick, and his PHD in Political Science from the University of Western Ontario. 

 “My academic background covers, then, both the humanities and social sciences,” he said.

Desserud wasn’t familiar with UPEI’s campus before accepting the position, as he had only been to the campus a handful of times, but he knew of the university’s “reputation as a strong, student-centred university.”

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Today in Ethiopia, over 100,000 women are living with a debilitating condition called obstetric fistula. Ostracized by their communities, disowned by their husbands, and unable to work, these women are forced to exist on the margins of society.

What if you could change all that by providing…

Perceiving Ajax Performance


About a month ago Piotr (@zalun) gave a lightning talk at London Ajax User Group. Video just got uploaded.

See the presentation on Skills Matter website and download the slides in PDF or Keynote format. You may also want to take a look at the survey.

Basically, delay the XHR Request’s Spinner by 0.4s and your site will “be” faster.

Update 2: as pointed out by Tim Huegdon, several comments on a Hacker News thread pointing here, and the excellent Pro Git book, Gitolite seems to be a better solution for multi-user hosted Git than Gitosis. I particularly like the branch–level permissions aspect, and what that means for…